This adorable pup was purchased by Kelli W. in Cold Lake.
Kelli is a wonderful dog owner who made sure her pup got all the training a puppy needs.

 Then Kelli came back and Adopted an Adult Dog, giving her a Forever Home too. Kelli didn't stop there though.  She came back and gave still another adult dog a loving, forever home.
Kelli deserves to be recognized for her love and compassion for her dogs.

 We would love to hear from you and if you enjoyed your visit to this website.  We also would like to hear about your own 4 legged friends.  Our dogs are all precious to each one of us so please share with us.

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On: Aug 26, 2017 At: 10:05 PM
We can't believe it's already been a month since we've had Wally home with us, and that he's already nearly four months old! We love him so much and can't imagine our lives without him. He's grown so much, and is looking scruffier by the minute! He's such a friendly little boy, with people and with other dogs! He's truly become the best part of our days, and he continues to amaze us with how quickly he catches on to new training and tricks. A huge thank you to Gayle for raising such a good boy!
On: May 8, 2017 At: 4:58 PM
Hi Jenna and Happy Birthday Thor. Yes 4 yrs ago today, Jesse and Diago's babies were born. Here is the birth picture of the newborn Thor and his 4 brothers. Thors gentle and kind Mom and his Dad's intelligence and loyalty were a perfect match. Most of all, Jenna's love for Thor has made him the Winner he is today. Thanks Jenna for loving your Thor.
On: May 8, 2017 At: 3:27 PM
I got my little Thor from Gayle almost 4 years ago and I can't imagine my life without him

It is Thor's 4th birthday today!
He is a loved part of the family and very very spoiled as you can see

I hope you enjoy seeing a little update of one of your crazy puppies :)
Joanne and Jerry
On: Mar 26, 2017 At: 9:42 AM
It has been almost nine months since we picked up our beautiful Bailey. She has brought so much joy into our lives. She is a very happy, healthy, sweet and loving little girl. She keeps us smiling!!. We wanted to share some pictures with you so you can see how much she has grown and see how beautiful she is Grandma Gayle. We will forever be thankful that we found you and our sweet Bailey💜 Thank you so much!!😊
Laurie Young
On: Dec 19, 2016 At: 8:38 AM
In 2003 we received the most precious gift. Gayle had a puppy that had a severe underbite. Instead of throwing this puppy away she knew that she could give her a loving home. We were the loving home. she was my best friend for 13 years. Ironically, we never did have any issue with her bite. I wish that we had more than 13 years with her as she was such a special dog. I retired three years ago and little Kailey would always be at my feet. Thank you Gayle for the most precious gift we've ever received.
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