MIETTE: Teeny, Tiny Teacup Yorkie Girl. I am proud to have raised this sweet baby girl. Gayle Bunney


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Lana M On: Mar 8, 2021 At: 6:25 PM
Hi Gayle. I hope you're doing well.
I just wanted to give you an update on Thor.
I can't believe he turned a year old on the 5th! A year already!
He spent his birthday by taking a visit to his Aunties and playing with his cousins Loki and Munkie, meeting the new goats, and going for long walks in the country. He loved every second of it 🙂
He's such a smart guy, too! He knows tricks such as wait (we put a treat in front of him and he won't touch it until he's told to), shake a paw, high five, spin and roll over! We're deciding what we want to teach him next.
I have attached a picture of him. Of him with a toy he got for his birthday (he was coming to tell me to take a break from work and have a quick play session 🙂).
Again, thank you so much for allowing us to make Thor a part of our family. We love him a ton!
Leslie On: Mar 4, 2021 At: 11:11 AM
Hi Gayle
I adopted Hiccup many year ago. He was three months old and is now 9. Mr. Cup is doing well. He has been sad lately because he lost his friend Jersey on Christmas Day. Hopefully he will get a new friend eventually. He has been getting spoiled with all the love now. Thank you for Hiccup he is a very big part of our family.
Yanira On: Nov 30, 2020 At: 8:16 PM
Hello Gayle.

I wanted to give you an update on how our new puppy is doing. He is doing wonderfully adjusting to his new home and his big Morkie sister Lola. We named him SoJu, it is a Korean name.

Our whole family is very involved in Korean martial arts ( Taekwondo ) so we found his name to be fitting. He is a sweet gentle boy and has been an absolute joy. We are so happy we could give him a home to grow up with lots of love and happiness. I have included a few pictures for you to see him and his big sis.

Thank you again,
Perry Delbridge On: Nov 11, 2020 At: 11:36 AM
Here is scamp today on his 13th birthday. Thank you so much for our precious boy. We bought him from you in the beginning of 2008.
Tanisha On: Oct 22, 2020 At: 11:54 PM
CuJo just celebrated his first birthday spoiled with new toys and treats! He is oh so spoiled and oh so loved the perfect addition to our little family! ❤️
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