MIETTE: Teeny, Tiny Teacup Yorkie Girl. I am proud to have raised this sweet baby girl. Gayle Bunney


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Glenda Best On: Dec 22, 2019 At: 3:19 PM
Oscar just had his Christmas hair cut and we wanted to show you how handsome he is. We are just so happy with this little guy, he is clever, sits, dances, drops the hall and sometimes comes when he is called. At almost 5 months old he is house trained. Every time we take him out someone will ask for the breeder info. Merry Christmas

Glenda Best
Adam On: Jun 21, 2019 At: 3:03 PM
Just saying HI!
Toby and Lucy Petunia On: Jun 9, 2019 At: 8:35 AM
Just an update on our adventures with our humans! We all went to Fairmont in BC and us pups decided mineral water from the springs tastes yucky lol
And we stopped at Frank Slide and did the 1.5 mile hike in the rocks.
Our humans are still planning on taking us on an adventure to Qu├ębec in July as well.
Hope all is well
Toby and Lucy Petunia and our humans Jen and Carl.
Trish L and Diva Baby On: May 26, 2018 At: 6:57 PM
Hello Grandma Gayle,
Its me Diva Baby with my human mommy Trish.
Here is a pic of me in my new sunglasses.I also got a princess harness, new raincoat and a dress! Spoiled or what. We were there for a month and had a wonderful time. My new boyfriend's name is Maxwell. Spent time at the beach and really enjoyed myself.
Love, Diva and mommy
Panda Bear On: Feb 19, 2018 At: 8:50 PM
Happy Family Day Granny Gayle,
Just checking in to see how things r going with u and your furry four legged kids. Just got in from a nice long walk with mom. Did lots of playing in the deep snow. Sweet baby Jesus I love the deep snow. I get to jump like a deer. I helped mom around the house and even made some cookies. But I don't get to have any. I think they r mostly for dad. Mom is sure looking forward to spring. She has been counting since the first of the year. Gee!!! That's a bit on the silly side. Does she not know that I can get pretty dirty in the spring. Oh well I guess we will deal with it. I thought I would send u a picture. I'm sure handsome and maybe even on the cute side. I'm also very spoilt mom says its dads fault but I think she is mistaken. She sure spoils me. She has been working part time lately and I sure like that. I stick to her like glue. At night I sleep by her head. Well granny Gayle I should go and check those cookies. They should be ready to come out of the oven. You have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine. Mom and dad pass hi and said that u should take care and they send hugs.
Lots of puppy hugs and kisses
Panda Bear
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