MIETTE: Teeny, Tiny Teacup Yorkie Girl. I am proud to have raised this sweet baby girl. Gayle Bunney


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Trish L and Diva Baby On: May 26, 2018 At: 6:57 PM
Hello Grandma Gayle,
Its me Diva Baby with my human mommy Trish.
Here is a pic of me in my new sunglasses.I also got a princess harness, new raincoat and a dress! Spoiled or what. We were there for a month and had a wonderful time. My new boyfriend's name is Maxwell. Spent time at the beach and really enjoyed myself.
Love, Diva and mommy
Panda Bear On: Feb 19, 2018 At: 8:50 PM
Happy Family Day Granny Gayle,
Just checking in to see how things r going with u and your furry four legged kids. Just got in from a nice long walk with mom. Did lots of playing in the deep snow. Sweet baby Jesus I love the deep snow. I get to jump like a deer. I helped mom around the house and even made some cookies. But I don't get to have any. I think they r mostly for dad. Mom is sure looking forward to spring. She has been counting since the first of the year. Gee!!! That's a bit on the silly side. Does she not know that I can get pretty dirty in the spring. Oh well I guess we will deal with it. I thought I would send u a picture. I'm sure handsome and maybe even on the cute side. I'm also very spoilt mom says its dads fault but I think she is mistaken. She sure spoils me. She has been working part time lately and I sure like that. I stick to her like glue. At night I sleep by her head. Well granny Gayle I should go and check those cookies. They should be ready to come out of the oven. You have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine. Mom and dad pass hi and said that u should take care and they send hugs.
Lots of puppy hugs and kisses
Panda Bear
Gayle (Host of this website) On: Nov 11, 2017 At: 10:47 PM
Dear Perry and Kimberly. In reply to your post below mine I raised your wee Scamp by hand from birth. He was indeed born on Remembrance Day in 2007. I called him "Little Boy" at that time. He used to be a dark apricot but I can see, he lightened up a lot. He was such a sweet puppy and I can see from his picture and your post that he grew up to be a fine little man and much loved by you. Thank You for posting 10 years later to the day of his birth. It was special seeing him again in the picture. And special thanks for loving him. I have posted a picture for you of his Dad, Timmy. Gayle
Perry and Kim Delbridge On: Nov 11, 2017 At: 8:55 PM
Hello Gayle.

Back in early 2008 we adopted this mini male poodle from you. He was born nov 11 2007. He is 10 yrs old today and we love him very much still. He did have knee surgery, but other then that, he is still our baby. He is spoiled and well taken care of.

We wanted to share his special day with you. Thank you for the best dog we've ever have
Panda Bear On: Nov 11, 2017 At: 6:36 PM
Hi Granny Gayle

I'm in my favorite spot. Yup on the table. I know that really isn't acceptable but mom grooms me there because it's easier for her and I love been pampered so it's all good.

Well I guess winter is here or so I'm told. I have to believe because I've never heard of winter before. I love the snow the cold well not so much. But if we walk fast we are good.

Haven't been out walking so much this last week as I had to take it easy or so the Vet said so. I had surgery Friday November 3.
No baby puppies from me. Maybe a good thing as I'm pretty mischievous and full of P&V.

I'm all healthy. Never missed a beat but I had to wear this funny looking cone. Mom didn't make me wear it all the time. Just at night mostly but it all worked out fine. I'm all healed now. Had blood work done, micro chipped and lots of attention from the Vet and all the girls at the office.

I am one lucky puppy. Mom is still hoping I'm going to grow up. Can't see that happening any time soon. But I know she loves me and so does Dad. He went back to work this past week and he comes home throughout the day to put me out to do my business and see me. Life is really grand. I rule but you knew that would happen? Mom tries to be a little more strict than Dad.

Mind you I think I go out of my way to bug Mom more. Like this morning she wanted to sleep in but I whined at the bedroom door until she caved and let me in, then put me on the bed, then I smooched her and walked on top of her and whimpered a bit until she got up. (Success). Oh what a softie Mom is!!!

So Granny Gayle what's happening in your neck of the woods? How is Ace & Elvis and all the other puppies?
If I remember I ran along with all those puppies did I get along with them?
There are some big dogs around here but I don't like them much so Mom keeps me away from them.
She tried introducing me to a couple of 3 month old puppies but they are bigger than me even went walking with them but I barked and really didn't care to be walking with them.
They were friendly but I guess because they were somewhat bigger than me.

Oh well maybe someday I won't be such a baby. Well Granny Gayle I've yapped long enough about me.
Are you getting really ready for winter? I know you don't much care for it. I hope you have someone to help you out. You take care of yourself and keep healthy, happy and safe.

Hope to hear back from you. Mom & Dad say hi.
Puppy hugs and lots of smooches. I'm a big smoocher!!!
From Panda Bear, Mom and Dad.
P.S. This isn't my best picture. Mom has tons of pictures of me. I'm cute that's why.

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