This website and/or anyone involved with this website are not associated with Amanda Glassford and/or Chris Glassford of Lamont, Alberta.  Amanda Glassford may also call herself, Amanda Priebe of Lamont, Alberta.

A settlement was reached in Alberta Provincial Court against Amanda Glassford and Chris Glassford. 

Also, not only as a victim of theft by Amanda Glassford, please read the following pertaining to Amanda Glassfords mistreatment of our puppies while in her possession.


This website and/or anyone involved with this website want to make it perfectly clear that we do not and will not tolerate anyone who sells under sized puppies before a full 8 weeks old while proclaiming to be associated with us as they have done.

This website and/or anyone involved with this website want to make it perfectly clear that we do not and will not tolerate anyone causing undo stress/harm to puppies when specifically told how to care for them.  And by ignoring our wishes continuing to cause innocent, tiny puppies stress/harm while proclaiming to be associated with us as they have done.

NOTE: Due to Amanda Glassford's continual lies, harassment, degrading comments and bullying of me, I am again taking her to court.  She will learn in court that "Defamation" (both Libel and/or Slander) is not tolerated in our society. 

Contact this website for a CASH REWARD to anyone who sees or hears Amanda Glassford degrading me or attempting to cause me harm with her lies and hate speech.  Working together to put a stop to bullying once and for all.

UPDATE on February 28/2017: I wish to thank all of you for your encouraging words and offers of help in stopping Amanda Glassfords lies.  I am so very thankful to all of you.  And to let people know that the CASH REWARD with so many of you offering to chip in, is now up to $2000 for any sworn statements of Libel and/or Slander against me by Amanda Glassford and/or can be traced back to Amanda Glassford that can be used in court.

Thanks you again everyone. 

Gayle, (owner of this website, Breeder, Animal Rescuer and published Author of 4 Non Fiction Animal books) comes to you with over 35 years Experience with Dogs, owning, breeding, whelping, doctoring, training and specializes in Canine Behavior.

She also has over 45 years experience with horses, owning, breeding, foaling, doctoring, training and again specializes in Equine Behavior.

She has been rescuing animals from abuse or saving them from an uncertain fate, for many years. Everything from so many, many dogs, to horses, a calf, starving cattle, cats, baby crows, magpies, other birds, a chinchilla, even a porcupine, (who became like a wild pet to her), a lost muskrat, a llama, plus many more creatures. She says though, that she doesn't get along with skunks and probably never will.

Gayle has been a member of the Alberta SPCA, (Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals) for well over twenty five + years. She is active as an Associate Member/Donor of the CFHS, (Canadian Federation of Humane Societies). A member of HSI (Humane Society International), a member of HSUS,(Humane Society of the United States) and a member of the ASPCA (American SPCA). Many other smaller Rescues also receive donations.

She donates monthly to STOP PUPPY MILLS and irresponsible BACKYARD BREEDERS. And of course for the "Humane Welfare" of ALL animals, ALL God's Creatures!


Topping that, is the fact that Gayle is an Author of 4 non fiction books. Her latest book, "Horses, Hounds And Other Critters" is available in stores across Canada and the United States. 

 Her other books are the heart stirring book about dogs, "My Life With Dogs".

And  two action packed horse books, "Horse Stories, riding the wind" and "The Heart Of A Horse".

You will find Gayle at Bonnyville, Alberta which is north east of Edmonton. Situated between St. Paul and Cold Lake. This part of Alberta is a beautiful place to visit and to live with Edmonton being the closest city.

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