Horse Training Problems

Before blaming the horse, check these off to see if you, the Rider are doing everything correct. If you do not understand what I have written about bits, or your saddle or the location your training in or any of it..................... then learn it first before blaming the horse!

I bought a 9 year old, quiet, but apparently poorly broke horse. I ride when I get a chance to do so but this horse is so useless that it won't even Bond with me? I want to retrain it for Western Pleasure. I ride it in a pen. It does not listen. I am a experienced rider as have owned horses before. Why won't this horse learn??? He just resists everything I am trying to teach him. I don't have time for this and am giving up.


1) How much training has the horse had anyway? Just started? Green? Some advanced training? Spoiled already by inadequate riders/handlers as many older horses are?

(2) How many horses have you trained for Western Pleasure?

(3) What bit are you using? Is it the correct bit for this particular horse?

(4) Is the bit correctly adjusted for this horses mouth?

(5) Is the bit the correct size for this horses mouth?

(6) Is your saddle fitting the horse perfectly so it is not irritating this horse? Each individual horse needs to be carefully fitted with the saddle used. Saddles can fit dozens of horses then not fit the next horse? An ill fitting saddle can make the best of horses resist in many ways.

(7) Is your balance in the saddle correct?

(8) Are your hands on the reins adjusted to correct length? Are your hands SOFT on the reins?

(9) Have you had extensive training in when to pick up on the reins, when to give, exactly how much pressure to apply?

(10) Do you have your leg aids down pat so as to not confuse the horse? VERY IMPORTANT WHEN TRAINING!!!

(11) How many times a week are you training? Our recommendation is minimum 5 days a week. Any less and you will get no where? Sporadic training sessions with animals does not work.

(12) Do you warm the horse up before beginning your training sessions? Are you careful to cool the horse down afterwards also? Very Important to not sour the horse on training.

(13) Do you have the correct sized arena or pen to train in? Even more important, a correct ground base for the horse to work in and on???

(14) Do you quit always on a GOOD NOTE?

(15) You of course are riding the horse minimum 5 days a week in a correct sized pen or arena on a good ground surface. Once the horse has learned that day's basic schooling lesson, you quit on a Good Note? Then the next day, you start with each simple lesson the horse has already learned, you do it correctly, then you move on to the next step you have taught the horse, do it correctly, then onto the next one, correctly, on and on REFRESHING the horse on what it already knows, thus RELAXING the horse................then you move on to "The Next Step/Lesson" you want to teach the horse...................................................

Remember the big 4 when training any animal. Patience, Kindness, Repetition and Consistency. All 4 together never fails. The animal can LEARN only if the TEACHER can understand the BIG 4.............................. let me repeat: Patience Kindness Repetition and Consistency.

As for not bonding with you??? The horse will bond with you if your using the big 4.

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