QUESTION: A couple of days ago, a Farrier came and did my horse's hooves. He cut to deep on the sole and now my horse bled a bit and is lame. I am beside myself. I am using Hoof Freeze, Iodine and Pine Tar. My Vet says not to worry, just keep an eye on it for an abscess forming? My horse is lame, please help? Is this Farrier any good, he crippled my horse?

You do not say if the horse is bleeding where the sole meets the hoof wall (the white line area) or next to the frog? Or where?

Keep the horse on dry, yet soft, ground (not in wet manure which contains a heavy amount of bacteria and slows healing). Grass Pasture or a dry turn out paddock is best. Once a day, gently clean out the area that was trimmed to short and apply Kopertox which is for Thrush but toughens the sole and prevents many strains of bacteria from entering an open space.

If the horse becomes more lame or lameness lasts longer than one month, he will need to shod with pads with an antibacterial agent between the sole and the pad. This horse must not be subject to walking on Gravel or any other rough, hard surfaces.

Regardless no working this horse for at least 6 to 10 weeks or minimum two weeks after lameness is no longer evident which ever is the case.

I wonder "WHY" the farrier felt he had to trim this horses hoof wall so short or remove so much sole that the horse became lame and/or bled?

Sometimes a farrier makes this mistake because the horses feet were in such bad shape from not being trimmed on a regular basis (every 6 to 10 weeks normally) that this happens. It also happens if the horses frog/sole has been affected from being kept on wet ground OR on a urine soaked surface for to long. Other reasons for sole problems can be Hereditary/Congenital OR from a diet lacking in essential nutrients for to long. Last but very important is the horse has "Foundered" now or in the past.

If your horse does not fit any of the above descriptions, then DO NOT use this farrier again. Obviously he doesn't have a clue if no reason for this?

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