• The tallest as well as the heaviest horse ever recorded was a Shire gelding named "Sampson." He measured 21.2 12 hands (7 feet 2.5 inches) and weighed 3,360 lbs!
  • The smallest horse in history was a stallion named "Little Pumpkin." He stood 14 inches and weighed only 20 lbs!
  • The oldest reliably documented horse was named "Old Billy." He died at the ripe old age of 62!
  • The oldest pony in history was 54 years old when he died in France.
  • The oldest pony in the US is named "Teddy" and he is 53 years old. He only needs one more year to break the world record. GO USA!
  • The fastest race speed ever recorded was 43.26 MPH, by "Big Rackett," 20.8 seconds in the 3/4 mile. "Big Rackett" was four years old and carried 114 lbs.
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