QUESTION: I am ready to buy my very first horse. I want to buy one of the young ones from the local, monthly horse auction because they don't cost very much. Really cheap actually so what breed should I buy?

ANSWER: You must look at not the breed, BUT the fact it is 100% well trained and what many call "Bomb Proof". Meaning it is old enough and has been well trained enough to not hurt you. And be able to put up with the fact your not experienced "without developing bad habits" because you don't have the experience to recognize and correct bad habits.

Green Owners (not experienced) and Green Horses, (young and/or not experienced) are a combination for one thing only............and that is called Bad Luck!!!) An older, well trained horse is a must!!!

You must not be sucked in by advertisements or a fast talking seller on your own. You must get a very experienced "Professional" horse person to assist you in buying your first horse. Buying privately with the help of a professional is your best choice. Or a "Select" horse sale where the sellers are supposed to be honest about what they are selling. Horses at local Auctions are generally there for a reason and that reason is not one in your best interest, trust me!!! Cheap horses are Cheap for a reason is what you must remember!!! "You get what you pay for".

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