QUESTION: Please tell me the difference between SAND Cracks and GRASS cracks in a horses hooves. And how to treat them?


GRASS CRACKS start at the ground surface and extend upwards. Shoeing with clips on each side of the cracks should work, as the hooves grow down and the crack eventually disappears.
SAND CRACKS: Start at the top of the hoof (coronet band) and extend downwards to the ground. Again shoeing with clips on either side of the cracks if not to serious. BUT with some Sand Cracks, the farrier must work closely with a Vet who may want to remove part of the hoof wall to help heal the crack.

Regardless, both types of cracks can take up to year and often much more of being correctly shod at regular intervals to heal.

A Vet may certainly recommend a good "Hoof Wall" Conditioner such a "Hoof Flex" applied daily by rubbing well into the coronet band and the wall of the hoof itself. Adding nutritional supplements "purchased from a Vet" may certainly help also. Not allowing the horses feet to get to dried out helps too. Certain wood shavings in stalls and certain arena surfaces also may contribute to drying out of the hoof. Clay type soil on your farm is deadly for drying out hooves.

Most Sand Cracks are caused by a previous injury to the Coronet Band of the hoof.

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