QUESTION: I have a yearling filly that I raised myself. She is full of herself and when I groom her, she swings over against me and literally pins me to the wall. She also thinks that kicking at me might be a good idea, but I did manage to change her mind on that one. She also does not stand tied very well as she doesn't have the patience for it. What can I do to make her stop pinning me?

ANSWER: She has no respect for you. She is getting into your space and misbehaving because she needs to learn RESPECT.

(1) Make sure she is getting all the free exercise that she needs. (2) Work her in a round pen. She needs to learn to GO AWAY when told to and STOP AND STAND nicely when told to. (3) When she swings into you, use your finger to press on her middle rib section until she moves away. This giving to pressure does not work if you push with a steady pressure. The horse only pushes back. Instead with your finger (some people use their Hoof Pick for cleaning out horses feet), press and release, press and release until she moves away. (4) Some horses, especially thin skinned ones resent certain grooming brushes, etc. She may be swinging into you to get you to stop. Many horses do. Try a softer or different grooming brush, curry comb etc. (5) Teach this mare to stand tied. Tie her up more often and leave her alone for a few hours. This works big time in teaching them patience, which appears to be another thing she is lacking. Tie her up and walk away. And for two to six hours, several times. Tie her to a sturdy, stout post. One that will not give if she pulls. With a stout, strong halter and lead rope. Higher than the top of her withers. Approx. the length of your arm only. Patience and Respect are two things all horses must learn to be a willing partner in our lives.

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