How Do I Make My Horse Stop Biting Me

Horses mainly bite for four reasons. First is we hand feed them treats from our hands which teaches them to nip.

Second is we are annoying them or hurting them in some way when brushing them, bridling/saddling them, riding them, many things. Or even just not being consistent in our cues when asking them to do something. The inconsistency makes them bite because they don’t know what we want from them.

Third is they are spoiled and think they can treat their master(s) like just another horse. Just like they bite other horses, they then bite their master(s). They have no respect for their human companions and are attempting to dominate people.

Or they are stallions and nipping and biting is part of what they try to get away with. These guys can mean business and should be only handled by a professional if serious biters.

So no more hand fed treats if that is what caused the problem. Find out what you are doing wrong that annoys or hurts the horse when doing things with him. And if it is because he thinks your just another horse, time to teach him otherwise.

Never ever strike a horse in the head region or you will end up with a "Head Shy" horse. But one sharply spoken word such as "QUIT" and a hard slap to the shoulder area (with your hand only), the very second he goes to bite or does bite works well. Preferably not afterwards, the sharp word and the slap must be when he is going to bite or actually doing it. Afterwards and he won't figure it out as easily.

For young studs, I carry a nail or even a fence staple and when they go to nip me, I make sure to smoothly hold that nail or staple on that part of my arm or wherever they are heading for. This way they punish themselves by pricking their nose and/or lips. Sort of getting bit instead. You DO NOT jab at them, let them do it to themselves. It also works for other horses.

Some people prefer to give a hard downward yank to the lead rope instead while again saying only that one word "Quit". They soon learn that word and then if they think about biting, all you have to say is the word and they won't follow through with the bite. Do not yank on bridle reins though, just on a halter lead rope. Leave the halter and lead rope on under the bridle if necessary to correct the horse.

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