West Nile Vaccine WARNING

HORSE OWNERS: By now we all know about West Niles and that it can strike your horse down without warning. We also all know about the vaccine that is now available to prevent this happening. What many of us don't know is the devastating effect of giving it to "Pregnant Mares", especially at the beginning of the pregnancy. The following website is concerned horse people who have given the vaccine to their brood mares. And the devastating results this vaccine has caused. From abortions to deformed foals. Once at the site, click on the foal picture in the upper right hand corner. It is a long and often horrendous page of concerned horse people's testimonies. But the entire page should be viewed so that you, yourself can decide if you want to give this vaccine to your broodmares. Some complaints also state that their breeding stallions are now Sterile due to the vaccine. You decide, Fact or Fiction???

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