Horses in Severe Drought Areas

As everyone knows, many of us in Northern Alberta are in an area that has been Officially Declared as a Severe Drought Disaster Area. No snow last winter and no rain this spring and early summer. Thus no grass and no hay (well, none that a person can afford to buy anyway).

This means many horses must be sold at Auction, rather than let them starve to death. Many of course, (no buyers for them as no one has grass or hay, right), are being purchased by the Slaughter Horse Dealers. And dirt-cheap too.

So to all interested parties out there who have been phoning and/or emailing: To get horses cheap, you must come and attend the small time, local Auctions. That is how you will get horses for next to nothing in price. Not the Select Sales where they are still selling fairly well. Not directly off well known horse breeders, yes, we have come away down in price, but we are not selling them for Meat Price either.

To save horses lives as many of you wonderful, caring people are trying to do, you must attend OR HAVE SOMEONE ATTEND FOR YOU, the small town Auctions. Those are the horses going to slaughter where if you buy him/her, you will be saving their lives.

And NO, I do not know of a single person giving away for FREE any Good, Sound, Well Bred, horses. Instead they are being sold in order to have the money to buy much needed hay for the remaining ones still at home on the farm.

If you are in a region where hay is plentiful and love horses, this is your chance to bring your horse trailer to Alberta and go back home with some excellent horses. Many breeders are willing to trade for hay delivered in lieu of cash. All we ask is that you be FAIR on the price of your hay, you are willing to trade. Thank you and please consider saving some horses from slaughter.

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