THE CASPIAN HORSE: Worlds Smallest Pure Horse Breed

Here is where controversy comes into play. Many believe the "MINIATURE" horse is the smallest horse breed in existence today, as it must not measure in excess of 34 inches in height to be registered. But the Miniature is not a pure horse breed. That's correct, folks, because they have Shetland pony blood in their pedigrees. English and Dutch mine horses were crossed with Registered Shetland ponies, several of whom appear in the extended pedigrees of today's Miniatures. Thus they are not a pure horse breed.
Now lets talk about the little known and rare beauty of a horse, the CASPIAN. The Caspian is a three thousand year old breed, considered to be the oldest and rarest breed in existence. These gallant horses pulled chariots for King Darius, three thousand years ago. They are few in number but thanks to some dedicated breeders around the world today, their numbers are gaining. Already there are approx. 200 in the United States.
The Caspian stands between 40 to 48 inches high. Their over all appearance is that of the pretty Arabian. The typical Caspian's head tapers to a fine muzzle, with a wide, vaulted forehead and prominent cheekbones. The body is slim with a deep heartgirth, sloping shoulders, good withers, and well defined hindquarters. The limbs are slender with dense, flat bone and sloping pasterns. The hooves are oval and strong, with very little frog. Coats are silky and fine.
Caspians have a natural, floating action at all gaits, with a long, low swinging trot and smooth, rocking canter. They are agile with exceptional jumping ability. Highly intelligent and alert, they are also kind and willing.

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