Gestation Time of Animals

Spring is here and that means many creatures will be having their young and entering their Reproduction Cycle. So we are going to take a look at the "Gestation Period" of a few animals. The gestation Period is how long a female animal is pregnant before giving birth.
OPOSSUM: 12 to 13 days. The young have a cozy pouch to squirm into where they will stay until old enough to face the world. The shortest known pregnancy.

ELEPHANT: 600 to 660 days. That's getting pretty close to being pregnant for almost 2 years. Known as the longest pregnancy.

CAT: 58 to 65 days for domesticated house cats. Not very long compared to a Lion who is pregnant for 108 days.

DOG: 59 to 69 days. Small breeds average 60 days. Large breeds average a week longer or 67 days. This is based on the actual day of Ovulation, not necessarily the first day the dog was bred.

HORSE: 330 to 340 days for HEAVY, DRAFT breeds. 340 to 342 days for LIGHT, SADDLE TYPE breeds. So remember, those draft types foal sooner than light breed horses. This is the average only as many horses may carry their foals longer.

DONKEY: 365 days. Yup, one full year of being pregnant. Quit a bit longer than horses.

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