QUESTION: I am so confused. They say a dogs age is equivalent to 7 years of a humans age? And a horse is equivalent to 5 years or something like that? My 10 year old dog doesn't seem to be like a still spry 70 years old human? He looks and acts like he is well over 90 in human years? And my 2 year old colt acts and looks far, far more mature than a 10 year old human child? What Gives with this formula on dog/horse versus human years???

ANSWER: It was something started many, many years ago about dogs age compared to humans. People came up with the bright idea that humans live an average of X amount of years and dogs live an average of X amount of years.....................................thus doing the math, they thought they were really contributing knowledge to the world. Truthfully it depends on "the stage of the age" of the animal and especially the Breed. A pup turning one year old could be basically equivalent to a 3 year old child, (up to, get this), a 15 year old child, depending on the BREED (all in the Genetics)...........................
One breed of dog may be very elderly at only -9 years old with a life span of average only 10+ years old, but certain small breeds may not be classed as very elderly until 12 and up years old, with a life span of up to an average of 16 years old. Often older too.
Depends on the Breed.

Horses were at one time judged the same way.

People came up with the bright idea that humans live an average of X amount of years and horses live an average of X amount of years. Key word is AVERAGE.......................

Once again, close research blew these myths out of the water many years ago. But still the Myth remains. Some breeds such as say, well cared for small ponies can live quite comfortably well into their late thirties before old age takes it's toll.

Some breeds of horses do not even reach full maturity until 7+ years old. Other breeds are fully mature at as little as 3 years old. Some breeds are old at 15 or 16 years old. Others are in good health well into their late twenties.

So you see the problem here answering your question? Only careful, scientific research into each specific breed of dog or horse can determine both Physical and Mental maturity. And "Longevity" of that particular breed. Thus doing the math for 5 or 7 years is wrong and totally inaccurate. It is all in the Genetics..................................

NOTE: And of course let's not forget: The CARE Given To That Particular Animal from it's Birth to it's final Golden Years.

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