Spring is coming and with spring, the birth of newborn foals

When you mare foals or your first mares in your herd foal..............................if she has lots of milk, is gentle and her newborn foal is getting all it needs, then SAVE SOME OF YOUR MARES COLOSTRUM in that first crucial few hours after birth. Preferably in the first 2 to maximum 8 hours after birth. Simply COLLECT IT, FILTER IT AND FREEZE IT.

WHY? Because if your mare is a good milker, you can easily collect 2 cups a couple of times apart and end up saving the life of a Newborn Foal. If not one of yours, then a friends, or someone else who sadly loses a mare at birth or has a mare with no milk at birth.
Collecting that first milk (Colostrum) means some other newborn foal will get the desperately needed mares first milk so they can Survive. To understand how important this is and how to go about milking your mare, easily filtering out any impurities and safely freezing it for a later date, please go to

Colostrum collected and frozen, then defrosted correctly (Never In A Microwave) can SAVE A LIFE. Help save a life.

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