QUESTION: I have just purchased my very first stallion. He is 5 years old and a real Gentle Pet. Should I have the mares next to him so he isn't lonely? Should I put a gelding or other horse in with him for company? His pasture is 2 acres in size.

ANSWER: High, strong fencing for a stallion is a Must. No open (not in foal) mare ever next to him. At least 24 feet from any mare at all times except when actually teasing/breeding a mare(s).

Especially during breeding season, most stallions will not tolerate another stallion or gelding near them. They can smash down the strongest fences to hurt or fight with another male. Or reach over top the fence and take a wicked chunk out of the other male horse.

Experienced stallion owners with more than one stallion may keep them stalled or in paddocks next to each other. The key word here is EXPERIENCED. These men and women know what they are doing. They watch for serious conflicts happening and move a stallion to a different area if things get out of hand. Such as some stallions will run the fence line, pace, get next to impossible to handle, lose excess weight and Libido when always mad at another male horse next to them. They also have strong, high fencing that cannot be destroyed and prevents the stallions from getting at each other and injuring each other.

Some ranchers with more than one stallion will run them together after breeding season (Late Fall and Winter Months) and before Spring but in large pastures where they can stay out of each others space. With no mares in sight, sound or smell. 2 acres is nowhere near large enough. Some still get hurt and crippled fighting.
Some stallions after breeding season and before spring can be safely run with the geldings but once again, the geldings often get seriously hurt or crippled.

Absolutely never run young, immature horses in the same pen as a stallion. Young stock are often safe next to a stallions pen but never in the same pen.

NOTE: Never trust a stallion EVER. It is the Gentle ones that if they turn on another horse or a human that do the most damage. The hard to handle ones people are far more careful with, the gentle ones, people tend to forget they are a stallion. A STALLION MUST NEVER BE TREATED LIKE A PET EVER!!! You must Respect them and they must Respect you.

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