QUESTION ONE: Almost over night this summer, my horse has these bare spots appearing on her chest and upper neck? I am scrubbing them with shampoo and applying creams. What is this? (Time frame is early in August)

QUESTION TWO: In the last couple of weeks my normally quiet and loving horse that I bought in December of last year, is striking, kicking and running around for no reason at all. One second he is standing there quietly, then he does this. Has he come unglued from something bad that happened before I bought him or what? (Again, time frame is in August).

ANSWER: At this time of year, I suspect fly bites. I do not know where you live but in most places several species of biting flies are driving the horses crazy. Spots begin to appear especially on the chest and part way up the neck. The duration of these flies is about 6+ weeks, then they are gone. Use fly spray on your horse's whole body. Use a rag to wipe it on the horses chin and face. Also just around any of these spots if they are actually an open wound, or on them if not. Don't forget the belly, between the front and between the hind legs too. Beware during the time frame of these rather savage biting flies and annoying Bot flies, that many horses will suddenly strike or kick out or take off running. They may also throw their heads violently when bit. The horse may accidentally injure someone standing there as they violently react to the pain or annoyance from the flies.
If there ever was a time for Fly Spray, it is now!!!

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