Foaling season is here again. Here at we are swamped with your questions. This is from the "OUR ARCHIVES" section of this website. We are running it again to help you. Please take a moment to run through the "Our Archives" as it has everything from feeding a Pregnant Mare to where to foal her out, to how to handle an "Orphan Foal".


FOALING DATE APPROACHING: There are obvious as well as subtle signs of impending birth. The time frame during which they occur varies from mare to mare. The most obvious and reliable are:

* Filling of the udder (two to four weeks pre-foaling)

* Distension of the teats (four to six days pre-foaling)

* Waxing of the teats (one to four days pre-foaling)

* Obvious dripping of milk

More subtle signs include:

* Softening and flattening of the muscles in the croup

* Relaxation of the vulva

* Visible changes in the position of the foal

Your eleven-month waiting game will be over before you know it. Be prepared ahead of time with the mare already used to the chosen foaling stall or paddock. Have everything you will need already on hand, including emergency Vet number in case she needs assistance. Brush up on foaling information before hand. BE READY!!!

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