QUESTION: (no corrections have been made to this original question to show how hard it is to help answer such a question) i um i was wondering were just breaking my horse dude in he is a mustang/quarter horse bread amd he tends to swing his back end outwhile being riding and were training him to do western and english riding both.

ANSWER: You are going to need a professional instructor to watch the horse and you during training and perhaps even do some of the horse's training to correct this. Change Instructors/Trainers if you are forced to go to the Internet for help as they are definitely not experienced/professional enough.

There are so many reasons for this that I can only mention a few. And without knowing if this only happens during circling (not straight ahead), and if at all gaits, etc. etc. etc. here goes. (1) The horse is on the wrong lead. (2) The horse is not collected. (3) The horse is resisting because he is sore in the mouth (teeth), the saddle is pinching him or the girth (cinch), muscle soreness (back, legs, hooves, neck, hip, anywhere?). (4) Shod wrong or trimmed wrong angle. (5) The rider is not knowledgeable enough and bumping the horses mouth with the bit or hanging on the horses mouth (this causes many training problems where the horse gets the blame). (6) The rider is not balanced which causes the horse to also be unbalanced (this causes many training problems where the horse gets the blame). (7) Wrong bit for this horse. (8) The horse's body conformation is such that it is causing the horse to travel crooked. (9) The horse is simply being asked to do to much to quickly. Asked to learn still another lesson before it is comfortable with fully understanding the previous lesson. (10) The horse is bored, thus is resisting or perhaps not bored, just plain not warmed up correctly and/or not ridden enough to be in top physical condition (no muscle tone) for what is being asked of it.

So as you can see, someone professional has to be there to spot even these mentioned problems. No one on the Internet can do so. Just to many reasons and not enough information. Professional Horse Trainers/Instructors must see the horse and work with the horse/rider to determine the reasons for many things going wrong with horses and/or their riders.

Make sure you are not wasting your money by choosing only a well educated, highly recommended trainer/Instructor. Many out there that simply do not have the "Years" of experience to help you and many out there only in the business for the money. Choose carefully and get recommendations from several people on any Trainer/Instructor.

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