TAKE A CLOSE LOOK. Closer…………… real close…………….. You got it, that black and white creature is not a kitten or a puppy. Yup, it is a skunk. A pet skunk. Your question is? Is it descented so it can’t spray its normal, yucky stink all over you? NOPE!!! She could spray if she wanted to but when you’re in loving hands, why mess up a good thing.

Which brings me to the owners of this bundle of sweet perfume. One thing that bugs me is some FARRIERS. Not all, just some. The some would be the ones who are never on time or don’t show up at all without so much as a simple phone call to tell you they are running late or not able to come at all. Or the ones who jerk your horse around, whap it in the ribs a couple of times, curse at it and finally leave your yard with both you and the horse a bundle of frayed nerves.

Then there is Edmond Cote. I have been known to be a bit difficult to handle and so are some of my horses. This fellow is not only a good Farrier but a good horseman too. My horses get their feet done with gentleness and patience. And done good enough to please, even fussy, old me. Better, if he is running really late and/or can’t make it, he will do his best to let you know. What more could you ask for in a farrier. Thanks Edmond and Laurie Cote. NOTE: I was going to put Edmonds email address here and telephone number. Until I discovered there is a half a dozen St. Pauls in Canada and the United States. So instead, please look up his number in your own phone directory if St Paul, Alberta, Canada is in it. Perhaps he may be able to help you with trimming your horses if you are in the St Paul area or close enough to it.


NOT dealing With a REAL LIVE PERSON in a dispute with a website that already has your money! You know the ones I mean, you request a refund. You send an email. You get a FORM email back. The same standard email, anyone gets back for any reason. They all read the same. Simply (Blah, Blah, Blah). They are of no help to you what so ever. But wait!!! That website actually has a phone number. Imagine that!!! An actual phone number. You phone. Your pretty excited, now I get to talk to a human being. After being on hold 15 minutes, transferred 3 times, you think you are finally talking to a real person. But I know better. It is either a cleverly disguised, automated voice machine or a semi human clone who in a bored voice says the usual. Simply (Blah, Blah, Blah). You get no where. You hang up and go back to sending emails.

INTRODUCING one of the best places for buying and selling horses and horse related items on the Internet today. AWESOME site. They even have an “Online Auction” for buying and selling. And the best part is: The people running this great website are real, live human beings. No kidding. I know because I have dealt with them. No Standard Form Reply Emails, emails actually typed by hand for each customer inquiry. And I even got to speak to a real person when I was on the telephone.

AND even better is the fact, they are so reasonable in cost that anyone can afford to advertise with them. Thanks Gretchen for being on staff at

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