Myth: Northern Dancer was the only Canadian Owned Thoroughbred to win the Kentucky Derby.

Fact: Northern Dancer did indeed win the prestigious Kentucky Derby on May 2, 1964. The little bay stallion with the blaze face and three white stockings, stood only 151/2 HH and weighed about 950 pounds. What might have been an even greater racing career was cut short by misfortune. After winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, the Queens plate and some other rich races, Dancer pulled up lame, a severely bowed tendon. His owner, E.P. Taylor retired him to stud at his breeding farm in Ontario. Northern Dancer was sired by "Nearctic" and out of the mare, "Natalma" who was sired by "Native Dancer".

But let’s not forget the famous Canadian owned stallion, "SIR BARTON". In 1919, the chestnut stallion, owned by Commander J.K.L. Ross of Montreal, not only won the Kentucky Derby, but also the Preakness and the Belmont stakes in one year. Making him the FIRST horse in history to win all three prestigious races.

After such notable racing successes, there was a public demand for Sir Barton to race against the matchless "Man 0 War". It was to be The Race Of The Century.

Often thought to be the greatest racing thoroughbred horse ever (before or since) in history, Man O War, and Sir Barton met at Kenilworth track. Man O War won but Sir Barton gave the "Champion of Champions" a run for his money.

Thus Canadian owned Sir Barton, was to go down in history, never to be forgotten by both thoroughbred breeders and racing fans.

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