QUESTION: We are buying a puppy at 4 weeks old. The owner says 4 weeks is old enough to be sold? Is this true?

ANSWER: Are you saying that your going to get this puppy at 4 weeks old? That is away to young for a puppy to leave it's mother and/or litter mates. Please do not accept a puppy at only 4 weeks old. Minimum 7 weeks old or if a true emergency situation, then 6 weeks old providing the teeth are through the gums and it is responding correctly to stimuli away from its mother and/or litter mates.

A puppy doesn't begin learning important lessons in life from it's mother and litter mates until -5 weeks of age. Those next two+ important weeks from 5 to minimum 7 weeks old (best is 8 weeks old) will determine how a puppy adjusts to other dogs and people for the rest of its life. Many "Behavioral Problems" with dogs is caused by them being weaned to young and removed from its mother and/or litter mates to young. Also it is still receiving "Immune protection against diseases" from its dam's milk until approx. 6 weeks of age. At 6 weeks old, the puppy then needs to receive it's first vaccinations against disease, plus deworming. Booster vaccinations are needed following the first one.

Anyone who is selling puppies this young is nothing but a "Back Yard Breeder" or a "Puppy Mill". DO NOT buy off such people for any reason. Buying off them is just supporting someone that should not be allowed to raise dogs. Such people are either irresponsible or do not care about the poor creatures they have in their possession. Minimum 7 weeks old!!!

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