QUESTION: My little dog just swallowed a chicken bone. Snatched it out of my hand while I was eating supper? I know this is not good. Please advise?

ANSWER: Not good at all. Chicken bones, ALL poultry bones, even pork bones, etc. SPLINTER when chewed up to be swallowed. FEMURS (round leg bones from Cattle are safest), they CHIP when chewed up to be swallowed. The rounded chips pass through the digestive system much easier than a bone that Splinters into sharp fragments.
Watch closely for up to one week minimum (usually far sooner) for Vomiting, appearing in pain or depressed behavior, diarrhea (often with evidence of blood) etc. etc. Get to Vet immediately if any such symptoms appear.


Obstructions from foreign bodies occur in dogs that eat BONES, sticks, stones, cloth, rubber, leather, hides, some plastics and balls of hair material. Passage of these objects can be aided by giving "Mineral Oil". It MUST NOT be given to a struggling dog who could accidentally inhale it. "It is best added to the dogs feed".

If your dog has swallowed Bone fragments, you might try to coat them by feeding with a substance such as bread or flour paste. This affords the possibility the fragments can pass through without causing as much harm. In cases where the dog appears in distress, such as vomiting or just lying around in severe pain or distress, you must get the dog to a vet immediately. The vet will more than likely have to do surgery to save your pet's life. Do not delay if any sign of distress in the dog.

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