Glucosamine For Joint Problems

"Glucosamine" is considered a "Chondroprotective Agent" to help Protect and Synthesize "Cartilage" in the joints.

Glucosamine is naturally produced in the body and is used as a building block for the synthesis of important components found in joint cartilage.

Studies have been performed showing that not only does Glucosamine supply raw materials to help build cartilage, it also helps to stimulate production of other cartilage precursors thereby increasing catilage synthesis.

There as been a number of human studies performed that demonstrate Glucosamine's success in decreasing clinical signs of ARTHRITIS by decreasing Pain and increasing Joint Mobility. Since animals have the same requirement for Glucosamine as a precursor to cartilage production, many Veterinarians are strongly supporting the use of Glucosamine as a supplement for helping with Arthritis and other associated joint ailments.

Most veterinarians suggest in their patients, the use of Glucosamine, often in conjunction with prescribed "ANTI-IMFLAMATORIES for the more severe cases.

There are a number of Glucosamine products on the market today. Sadly many do not have a high enough percentage of Glucosamine in them to be of much if any help at all.

It is shown that products which not only contain GLUCOSAMINE but also the all important MSM and CHONDROITIN, even perhaps other necessary, naturally occuring substances in the body are "Far Superior" supplements.

Beware of spending time and money on products, not purchased from a Veterinarian or other such reliable, knowledgeable source.

Keep in mind that you will not see a great difference in Pain OR Joint Mobility for from a few weeks up to at least 3 months. Glucosamine takes awhile to be converted to the necessary cartilage precursors. It works if you are willing to give it time and is fed daily, not sporadically.
NOTE: Omeg-3 Fatty Acid Products are finding a place in treatment where the dietary requirements for animals has not been at an acceptable level for that particular animal and/or skin and coat conditions in certain animals.

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