Reasons A Dog Suddenly Forgets House Training

Question: My 4 year old dog was always perfectly housetrained. Now this last month he is pooping in the same spot downstairs during the night. Something he never ever did before. The vet says he is fine. Nothing in our lives (that I can think of) has changed. Why now? Why is he suddenly doing this?

Answer: You feel that nothing in your lives is different. BUT, a dog if checked out by the vet and found to be in perfect health has or at least thinks something in his life is different!!! Young, healthy, well house trained dogs don't just start messing in the house without a reason!

First, you are cleaning that area with a strong disinfectant? Then after it dries, maybe scrub it with straight vinegar and let dry. Second, put a child's safety gate across the doorway so he cannot get to his chosen spot. Third, is he still having regular bowel movements outside and at his usual times? Did he always sleep through the night before without needing to go to the bathroom? Normal stools?

This is just a partial list of changes in a dogs life than can cause this. Most are never even thought of by the dogs owner.

(1) New dog or animal in the house or even next door that he can see, smell or hear? His personal territory is being invaded which is upsetting him.
(2) New human in the house, whether child or adult?
(3) Arguing in the home, whether between adults or adult and child?
(4) A person under stress from work, relationships, etc. etc. A dog picks up on this stress even when other humans do not? We excrete the smell of stress in our sweat glands such as under our armpits. People under stress sound different to a dog's finely tuned ears. We walk different? We just don't realize it, but the dog does and responds with a display of it's own heightened uneasiness.
(5) Difference in a dogs routine? Not just their walks and play time but even just when the human is returning from work or maybe going out more than usual?
(6) Difference in the dogs diet. Anything from stealing food or garbage to new treats, more human food, new dog food, etc. etc.
(7) Moving to a new residence can easily cause this. BUT, also includes renovations in the existing home. For some dogs, even new furniture can change their behavior. Why? Because a dogs home is it's territory and any changes to that territory can be upsetting to some dogs. Dogs don't like their personal territory being messed with.
(8) Construction or something happening close to their home territory. Increased traffic or noise levels can throw a dogs regular routine out of whack.
(9) New item in the home that is throwing off such a high pitched sound that it is missed by the human ear or perhaps makes a steady or repetitive noise of some sort that we don't notice but the dog does. Just some cases documented are bubbling fish tanks, a new filter on a furnace, some types of communication devices, some types of home entertainment devices, fans, the hissing of humidifiers, etc. etc.
(10) Someone is purposely or even unwittingly bothering the dog in the home territory. House or yard. Causing the dogs level of mental distress to creep up un-noticed. Not noticed that is except for the change in house training.

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