Unless a dog is getting Vast Amounts of free exercise on hard ground, they need their nails trimmed every five weeks. Don't forget the DEW CLAWS high up on the inside of the front legs and even sometimes on the back legs.
The main thing is to not cut into the "Quick" of the nail which is blood and nerve endings. If by accident, you can hold a cotton ball with firm pressure on it for several minutes allowing the blood to clot. No less than 3 full minutes and sometimes longer. Leave any cotton that is stuck to the claw until it falls off on it's own. Or at your Vet's or even some Pet Stores, buy a "Styptic Pencil" or liquid which can be applied to stop the bleeding.

With clear nails a person can see the quick (it is Pink) and know to cut below it. With dark nails this is not possible so you have to look at the underside of the nail. You will notice that the END of the nail looks Hollow or Grooved inwards, slowly becoming solid and not grooved. Cut well below where the nail is becoming solid looking and where it is starting to bend downwards. Then you should be fine. Do not worry to much if one bleeds, just have products ready and waiting to clot the blood. With a little bit of practice, all owners can become adept at nail trimming. Do the snipping of the nails quickly once the correct place has been determined. As in DO NOT apply slow steady pressure to the handles of the nippers as this hurts. Buy a good quality pair of nail clippers for your dog.

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