And to all the people out there thinking of giving a pet for Christmas. The three most important things are:

(1) Do the people getting the pet really, truly, want one, especially during the busy holiday season? In the first months of the new year is when the "Humane Shelters" are swamped with pets people received for Christmas and are no longer wanted. Make sure your live gift is really, truly wanted and that the gift receiver's) are set up and ready for a new member in their household.



.............That new puppy or kitten (or any baby animal) has just been taken away from the only home it has known. Not only is it a scary new territory with new people, the busy household further traumatizes it. Children are so excited to receive that new pet and literally won't put it down and let it even rest or eat properly. Or worse, young children think it is just another toy and soon tire of it and go on to play with their other new toys. Casting it aside. And

(3) Be fair to that new puppy or kitten and do what many people are now doing to prevent a baby animal being traumatized during the very busy holiday season. Give a Gift Certificate to purchase a new friend at a later date. Or Accessories for the new pet they will be receiving when things are back to normal or a Picture of their new pet to be picked up after the holidays. Christmas, like all holidays is a special time for us. But to a wee animal, it is often a time of great trauma in what would normally be a quiet, calm household.

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