My name is Nala. Doreen Higham of New York State rescued me many years ago. As you can see, Doreen has her own strange ideas of dressing me up for a cold winter? Really, I don't think the red gloves go with this hat, do they? But we won't tell my Doreen, now will we!


QUESTION: My 10 year old dogs gums are very red. What is the problem, do you think?

ANSWER: Healthy gums are firm and pink. Pale gums are a sign of ill health such as Parasites, Chronic Blood Loss and Anemia. Bluish Grey gums are seen in Shock and Dehydration. Redden gums are a sign of Gingivitis (Gum Infection). Since gum infection is a sign of Periodontitis and tooth decay, it must not be ignored. Your Vet needs to access the dog, perhaps place it on antibiotics and then clean and care for it's teeth. By 10 years old, all dogs are away past the age for having their teeth cared for by a Vet, a very important procedure for a dogs well being and good health.

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