You have only had this 3-year-old dog for one week and are noticing that he occasionally urinates while laying down in his bed.

Adult dogs going to a new home often show signs of "Submissive Behavior" until they adjust to their new home, territory and the people and/or other animals in the home. Submissive behavior is often noticed in urinating when approached.

Even while in their bed. Some may do so even seeing someone walking near them. You have only had him for one week, nowhere near long enough to have fully accepted his new home and master(s). Expect up to a month, maybe longer before he falls totally in love with his new place in life.

The second most common reason for this is "Urinary Incontinence". There are many reasons for Loss Of Bladder Control. Anything from weak bladder muscles, kidney disease, scar tissue from surgery, not getting out to the bathroom enough (many dogs need to urinate more than others), Bladder Infection, Obstructed Bladder, Hormone Deficiency, Enlarged Prostate and Prostatitis (bacterial Infection of the Prostate Gland).

My recommendation is to have him thoroughly examined by a Vet as medication can help all these reasons mentioned. The sooner it is established why he has Urinary Incontinence, the easier it will be for the Vet to treat it.

First rule out: Not enough trips outside to void for this particular dog. Maybe he is dribbling or voiding in his bed when approached or even someone walking past or anywhere near him? Which is (Submissive Urination). More on this can be found under "Our Archives" Newsletters (dog related) January 15/2003.

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