Question: We just purchased a tiny toy poodle puppy. It doesn’t seem to want to play very much, just sleep. It is 7 weeks old. Do you think maybe it is not healthy?

Answer: Tiny Toy Poodle puppies or as some call them, Teacups, must be well taken care of. ANY puppy of ANY breed must be well taken care of.

They should play in short bursts, then find a quiet place to sleep. In fact out of 24 hours, they should Sleep or Rest quietly approx. 14 to 16 hours a day at 7 weeks old. If not sleeping, then totally calm, maybe just quietly chewing on a stuffed toy or mouthing a rawhide chew toy. A new home is very stressful on a 7-week-old puppy, no matter how careful you are. Keep them from being mauled by young children or yourself, as this is incredibly stressful, even though they seem to like it. When sleeping or what we call DOWN TIME, just wanting to quietly relax with a toy or by themselves, have all family members LEAVE THEM ALONE.

NOW make sure they are eating, even if it just seems tiny amounts, several times a day. And drinking clear, fresh water whenever they want it. Food and water down for them, 24 hours a day, regardless of the breed at only 7 weeks old.

Make sure they urinate several times a day and that when they defecate, that their poop is normal. As in well formed. (Not to dry and hard for the puppy to eliminate easily, and not so soft, it is runny). ANY Diarrhoea is serious and the pup should see a Vet immediately. A healthy puppy can almost entirely be judged by his "Poop", to put it in Layman's terms. ANY vomiting is suspect if it happens repeatable in the course of one day. A Vet visit is a must if it continues.

Hopefully you have bought off a "Responsible Breeder", who made sure the pup received it's First Vaccinations (you are now responsible for all follow up vaccinations at 9 or 10 weeks old, plus additional.), the breeder has Dewormed the puppy, (you are responsible for all follow up deworming). That the puppies Teeth are through the gums and properly positioned to insure it can eat food properly. No puppy should be sold until the teeth are through the gums and proven to be in proper position. That it has a fat cover over it's ribs and is not to thin. That it is healthy as in no Diseases or Infections. No cough, runny eyes, runny nose, lack luster hair coat, thin, vomiting, diarrhea, not wanting to eat or explore it's new surroundings. That this "Responsible Breeder" has explained about making sure it's bum does not get plugged up with what we call "CLING-ON’s" (a hard mat of stool) that may prevent a puppy or "Any Dog Of Any Age" from defecating properly, leading to a ruptured bowel or life threatening bowel infection. Check daily!!! That the breeder has made it clear on keeping the puppies Ears, Eyes and Toenails taken care of. That the breeder has explained how often it needs to have it's coat brushed (once it gets older than 16 weeks, do teach it now without worrying about actual snarls and matting) and how often it will need Professional grooming.

I always recommend that when you buy any breed of puppy, you buy a book on that particular breed in order to understand their temperament, their exercise needs, their daily care, potential hereditary conditions and much, more.

I just covered the basics here, you can access OUR ARCHIVES for additional information such as "Absolutely Normal Puppy Behaviour" and much more pertaining to puppies.

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