FIRST: There are absolutely NO good home remedies for ear mites. Home remedies simply DO NOT have the required drugs to exterminate ear mites so they do not return at a later date.

NOTE: No infected ears should be treated with ear mite medication without first confirming it really is ear mites by a Veterinarian with access to a Microscope or the knowledge to confirm ear mites.

Many inner ear infections are misdiagnosed as ear mites. These infections can be complicated and cause serious harm to the inner ear if ear mite medication is used. If it is really ear mites, 3 good ear mite medications are, Cerumite, Canex and Tresderm. All must be purchased from a Vet, not a Pet Store.

Since ear mites leave the ear and travel on the dog’s body, they are highly contagious to other dogs and cats. Use the ear mite medication for a full 3 weeks as it does not kill unhatched eggs, resulting in the dog being continually reinfected. Use a good flea powder or shampoo on the rest of the dog, to kill the ones traveling out of the ear.

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