Puppy Born With His Eyes Open

DOG/PUPPY: Born with his eyes open at birth. I consulted several Vets about this rare phenomena. All had heard of this happening but none had actually seen such a puppy.

When this happens, the puppy often has no existing eyes in the sockets and should be euthanized at birth to prevent suffering especially since will have other problems with defects also (such as an under developed digestive system, lungs, etc) Those born with actual eyes in the sockets are blind or have severely impaired vision from birth. NOTE: This is so rare that little or no information exists on this anywhere.

But this puppy was able to close his eyes right from birth thus protecting them as greatly needed. The eyes were able to developed normally as he kept them closed much of the time and he is not blind. In fact here at 7 weeks old, he is perfect in every way, including his vision!!!

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