Walking More Than Just A Couple Of Dogs At The Same Time

If, like me you live where the winters are long and the snow is deep as I do out here on the land in this great Northern Alberta, Canada countryside..................... if you have a pack of small breed dogs such as I do that insist on their daily walk even in over two feet of snow....................
then perhaps like me, you will end up breaking trail out in the horse pastures for them.................hard work for me slogging through the snow up past my knees but the dogs love it!!!

Some of these dogs are my own, some are Rescues, some are just here looking for a new home. My wee pack of furry friends love living so free out here in the country. No locked in outside buildings/pens for them as they live right with me inside my home!!! No being walked with collars and leashes either. They love it and so do I.

Gayle Bunney
Owner of this website
Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada

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