QUESTION: We have a 6 month old pup that gets into the kitty litter and eats or chews on the cat's poop. Why is our pup doing this and how do we stop it?

ANSWER: This happens quite often, especially with puppies. Most outgrow this behaviour with time but to prevent a puppy continuing to do it, you must make the kitty litter inaccessible.

There are several reasons for a puppy or dog doing this.

(1) One is that many cat foods are formulated to taste extra yummy for fussy cats. This food can be passed and still smell and/or taste yummy to a dog. Or the cat food is passing through the cat or a cats digestive system only partially digested because of health reasons (?) with that cat. Again the puppy or dog is attracted to this only partially digested food. CHANGING THE CAT(S) FOOD OFTEN WORKS.

(2) Another reason is simply "Boredom" for the dog. The dog is not getting out for enough outside exercise or enough play time with their masters inside the home and outside the home. Thus the puppy is simply bored.

(3) Another reason is not enough variety in the puppy or dogs own personal chew bones and chew treats to keep him/her occupied.

(4) The last reason is of course, the puppy or dog is "Hungry" and needs to be fed more food per day. Breaking the puppies or dogs food into three or four well spaced meals a day (if only feeding two meals) helps a lot so their stomachs are never empty making them think they are hungry. As does of course, having food down for the puppy at all times helps.

(A) Doorways can be fastened so they are only open a little bit, allowing the cats to pass through but not the puppy or dog. Cats can easily squeeze through an opening only as wide as their foreheads. A simple door safety chain can work if modified so the links of the chain are solid. One person I know slipped a piece of hard plastic pipe over the exact, necessary width of chain to make it solid.

(B) A strong, high safety gate that the cats can easily jump but not the puppy or dog.

(C) Placing the kitty litter up on a stand or table.

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