QUESTION: We live in the country. We have a Large, Male, mixed breed dog since he was a pup. He is 3 years old now. He won't stay home. He wanders away even when I am frantically calling him back. He just keeps going. I am so worried about Coyotes when he is gone and what they will do to him. We do have a fenced yard but he hates it so I don't like to lock him up in it.

If not Neutered, do so immediately. Testosterone plays a big part in male dogs not staying home. Because he is already 3 years old, it will take at least 3 months, often more after being Neutered before all the Testosterone has left his system as Testosterone is stored in the muscles tissue, the internal organs, everywhere. So expect that long before seeing a real difference in his desire to wander. NEUTERING WORKS!!!

Now, he loves you but has absolutely no RESPECT for you. If he Respected your command to "Come" when taking off, he would do so. Basic Obedience. Teach him to COME, Sit, Stay, Down and Heel. Every day, work with him for at least 20 minutes to 1/2 hour on obeying commands. Every, single day because sporadic training does not work, especially with a fully mature dog. Buy a dog training book or get one from your local library. A book on teaching "Basic Obedience". AND NEUTER HIM FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!

And keep him confined to your yard until he listens to your commands and until at least 3 months after being Neutered. The number one killer of wandering dogs is not wildlife but "Speeding Vehicles" and other people who Shoot stray dogs wandering on their property.

Theft in some cases also happens. Often simply because the person finding the dog wandering far from a residence, think it is lost or a stray so pick it up and keep it.

NOTE: It was confirmed by return email that this dog was not NEUTERED. Many people RESIST the idea of spending money to NEUTER. DON'T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!! Your male dog deserves better!!!

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