QUESTION: We have a 5 year old, mixed breed dog. The underside of her left eye appears swollen in the corner giving the appearance of being "turned-inside out". This "kind of skin" is red and covering approximately a third of her eye. Her appetite is the same as usual. We found this about three or four days ago. We have been bathing it with natural salt water? Can you help?

ANSWER: It sounds like an infection involving the third eyelid or Haw (nictitating membrane). Or a "Cherry Eye" which is an infected Tear Gland on the inner surface of the third eyelid.

Certain cases may respond to Antibiotics, others require Surgery. Since this dog was not born with this problem, (Hereditary if born with it so less chance of a serious infection being the cause of it) it should be examined by a Vet as soon as possible. The sooner a person gets this under control, the better.

NOTE: Never bath a dog's eye with any type of SALT. NEVER!!!

The above mentioned start at the inside corner of the eye and may extend out at the bottom.

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