Vaccinating Your Own Dogs

QUESTION: I love my dogs but have a hard time getting them to the closest Vet to vaccinate them. Can I do this myself and how?

ANSWER: It is always best to have a Veterinarian do your yearly Vaccinations. Usually the Vet at the same time examines your dog for Health Issues you simply may not be aware of. And do not forget a strict "Worming Schedule" for your dogs too. Many Vets will ask about deworming the dog at the same time. Dogs need to be dewormed more than once a year. Speak to your Vet about what dewormer to use and how often for your particular area.

Some drug stores (or animal related stores) that also carry Pet Supplies sell the 3, 4 and 5 way vaccines for dogs. Even vaccines for cats. I do not know your area so you will have to find where to purchase them. I always buy the 5 way.

The "Rabies" vaccine can only be given by a Vet so you cannot give it yourself.

If given personally instead of by a Vet (who gives you a record of such) you cannot cross the U.S./Canada Border or take the dog to another country unless the Vet revaccinates and gives you proof. Of course, the "Rabies" vaccination being the most important which the Vet would have to give anyway.

The vaccine is given SUB CUTANEOUS. Meaning under the skin and not Intramuscularly. The place of choice is the top of the neck, between the skull and shoulder blades. This location means the dog cannot lick the site of vaccination or scratch the site of vaccination.

Tent the skin by lifting up on it with your fingers. Insert the needle (3CC syringe with a 22g, 3/4 inch needle) into the tented skin, release the skin and inject the vaccine. (Vaccines come in two vials). You draw the liquid solution up into the syringe, inject it into the vile with the vaccine, (do not shake it thinking you have to mix it). Then draw the liquid back into the syringe. Then administer.

Vaccines must be kept chilled and not allowed to reach room temperature. They must not be accidentally frozen during transport. They must be used immediately once mixed.

Never accidentally administer into the actual muscle mass of the dog, SUB CUE only.

NOTE: Some dogs can have a severe, life threatening "Allergic Reaction" to the vaccine. The reaction can be "Imediate" as in first time given or delayed as in happening anytime after the first one.

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