White/Pink Skinned Dogs

QUESTION: I was told that white skinned dogs are more prone to illness? I want to buy a dog but not one with white skin if they get sick all the time?

ANSWER: I have never seen a white skinned Mammal of any type. Now change white skinned to "pink" skinned. Even True Albinos have pink skin. To simplify things we will now only talk about dogs, not all mammals. Usually the pink skin means white or very light colored hair. Some snow white breeds such as the Bichon Frise though have pink skin which is actually mottled with black spots!

So white hair surrounding the eyes, means no dark skin or hair to blunt the force of the sunlight or even extreme bright lights inside the home, thus the eye itself is more prone to disturbances, weeping, infections, etc. NOTE: Football players, etc place a smear of black under their eyes to blunt the force of the suns or the stadium lights brightness.

Dogs who Genetically have spotted coats or dark coats who are born with white ears, perhaps also white around the eyes, perhaps with the majority of their head region white may be Deaf. Note: Dalmatians with no spots on their ears or region of their head may be deaf. But also such breeds as Boxers who are born white instead of brindle/dark coated may be deaf. A great deal of "Scientific Study" has gone into this but to date none are completely accurate as to why such breeds as the Dalmatian and Boxer may be born hearing impaired or completely deaf because of their white hair coat in the head region. NOTE: also seen in white Felines/Cats.

I have never heard of Pink skinned dogs being more prone to "illness"? Many, I repeat, many breeds are pink skinned. No mention of these several breeds being more prone to illness whether Bacterial or Viral.

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