Dogs That Get Car Sick

QUESTION: My 2 year old, mixed breed dog always gets car sick. We have tried just going for short rides. What else can we do? She just gets so hyper in the car.

(1) You are doing the right thing by getting her used to car rides by short around the block ones and building from there. The dog should be taken for such car rides at least three or four times a week. The more the better so the dog becomes Socialized to the very vehicle itself. Even just sitting in the car in the driveway while you quietly read a book or listen to quiet music helps. Keep all association with the car quiet and peaceful. Only occasional or sporadic car training trips do not work, it must be done on a regular basis!

(2) Such dogs should have a thorough Vet check to make sure they are in complete health, including ears (problems with the inner ear or ear drum) itself can cause this as well as Internal Health Issues.

(3) For long rides, some dogs should not be fed for 4 hours prior to the ride.

(4) The Vet can prescribe "Motion Sickness" pills or tell you what human medications for Motion Sickness can be used. What amount per pound of body weight and most important how long before the ride to give such medication. Time given before going for a ride varies between types of medication. Also weather to give on a full stomach or an empty stomach?

(5) Some dogs do better in a kennel they are used to and kept as calm as possible. Some dogs do better held in their owners laps or on the vehicle's seat. Some dogs do better if not allowed to look out the window as their equilibrium becomes unbalanced watching everything go by.

(6) Some dogs must be played with and exercised enough daily (Off the Premises, away from the dogs Home Territory) so they are not HYPED UP getting out and about off the premises. Even daily walks and running free daily in Off Leash Areas helps get the dog used to being away from home as they are when in a vehicle. They then are not Hyped and Mentally Stressed leaving their home territory.

(7) And some dogs need to be sedated by a mild tranquilizer for necessary trips where the dog must go in the vehicle. NOTE: Only a tranquilizer prescribed by a Vet can be used. No human tranquilizers should ever be used. Dogs are not humans, never use a human tranquilizer.

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