QUESTION: My 11 month old pup loves to roar up and down the fence line (barking like crazy) with my neighbours dog. This is annoying. Niether my neighbour nor myself are happy with this?

ANSWER: This is Normal Behavior between dogs kept in back yards next to each other. Many, many dogs do it with the neighbor dog(s). It is a game to them. Do not forget that "Hereditarily" they are Pack Animals. They roar up and down the fence line, sounding "Oh So Fierce", but it is a game. Dogs love us as their HUMAN PACK MEMBERS, but socializing with another dog is a "Neat and Great Thing"!!!

Your puppy is just now starting to reach MATURITY, both Physically and Mentally. Just Starting!!! This game is OH, SO MUCH FUN!!!

What I tell people (If They are Good/Close Friends With That Neighbor), is to let the dogs play together on a daily basis. Both dogs get much needed SOCIALIZATION out of it.

Rarely though are we close enough, personal friends with the neighbors to let this happen.

So, discipline him gently about his great JOY of this what I call, "FENCE RUNNING" or Let it Be? The secret is to give both Fence Runners more contact time with their humans and more Exercise out on walks from the backyards. Give your own pup/dog more things to do, to fill his days with happiness and he won't have to resort to "All Out Fence Running" for something exciting to do!!! "More Time Spent", especially Hands On Training Time with YOU daily (I repeat daily), and he won't need to socialize as much with the neighbours dog???

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