Clocks and Dogs Mothers Heartbeat

DOG QUESTION: I got a 3 week old rescue pup. I stuck a clock that ticked in the bed with the pup. Did it help??? I think it did?

ANSWER: It may help to some extent?  What helps even more is a hot water bottle wrapped in a very  thick, terri-cloth towel as the pup, kitten, piglet, etc. cuddles up to it, thinking it is the warmth of their sadly missed mother. We now know that it is the warmth provided a young animal that counts the most!!! NOT, the supposedly heart beat from a "ticking Clock".

PLEASE NOTE:  It is extremely important that any animal must be able to get away from any source of artificial heat, including a hot water bottle.  They must be able to get clear away from the source of artificial heat or they will literally cook/dehydrate if the heat source is to much for them.  Thus the area/pen/kennel they are in must be large enough for them if over heating to move completely away from the source of heat.

Many Orphans will survive when Given Milk Replacement and WARMTH!!! Please go to the "Our Archives" section of this website for information on raising "Orphans". Thank you.

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