Unhappy New Pup and Unhappy New Owners

QUESTION: We got a new pup a few days ago. I realize that he is just a baby but his whining, howling, etc. at night is driving us crazy. We have tried getting up and saying "Hello" to him and we have tried getting up and being "Mad" at him. Still he is driving us crazy. Please help as we want to keep the pup but also need our sleep. We will do anything for SLEEP???

ANSWER: The cure for this works every time. With some pups, it only takes a night or two. With others 4 or 5 nights. IGNORE THE PUP!!! That is correct, everyone in the house must TOTALLY ignore the pup. The pup will stop once he gets absolutely NO RESPONSE what so ever.

Everyone goes to bed. Everyone must not even talk to each other because the pup will hear you talking and keep at it. Any response, even a bad response is enough to make the pup keep at it.

It is a common mistake with people to either get up and pet the puppy or get up and be mad at the puppy. Both are still a response to the pup's wanting attention because he is all alone.

Once the pup realizes that his crying, whining or scratching no longer nets him any response at all, the pup will settle down. The first night is always the worst, especially if the pup has been getting a response for awhile already. The second night is better, etc. etc. until the pup gives up entirely. And YES, I do know what lack of sleep is until the pup learns. Once, again, this never fails as long as the pup or dog receives neither good or bad response.

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