Milk Fever In Female Dogs With Pups

QUESTION: My dog had 7 pups and they all died except the 2 biggest ones in the first week. My friend who raises pups says my dog had "Milk Fever" and I should get rid of her? I made money by selling those two pups and want to breed her again as I like the money. How do I make sure no more pups die like that? What is this Milk Fever anyway?

ANSWER: Your poor dog DID NOT have Milk Fever or she would no longer be living. Please do not raise anymore pups until you do "Research" on "The Proper Care Of the Mother Dog and Newborn Pups"!!!
Milk Fever (see the following) kills the mother dog within hours, not the pups. I can only speculate why your pups died. Often it is because the mother herself did not receive "Proper Care and Nutrition" while pregnant, thus producing weak, unable to survive pups. Or without adequate nutrition built up in her body and after giving birth, they may have starved to death. Or she may have had a raging Uterine Infection that was passed on to the pups through her milk. Or she may have had Mastitis or Caked Breasts? WHO KNOWS??? Do not, I repeat, do not (if you care anything at all about your female dog) raise anymore pups without the knowledge it takes to raise healthy pups and keep the mother healthy at the same time.

commonly referred to as Milk Fever

Eclampsia is caused by an upset in the Calcium, Regulatory Mechanism that leads to Low Calcium level in the blood. Low Serum Calcium levels cause Tetany. First signs are restlessness, anxiety, rapid breathing and whining. The dam will often leave her pups and pace up and down. Quickly her gait becomes stiff legged, uncoordinated and jerky. As the condition worsens, her face takes on a pinched look, with the skin pulled back to expose the teeth. Rapidly she reached the point where she falls down on her side, all muscles jerking in spasms, kicking all four legs and salivates profusely. She is now close to death.
The only chance of saving her is carefully administered Calcium Intravenously by a Vet. Slow enough to not stop the heart. Recovery is then rapid, within minutes. But pups should be immediately weaned and raised by hand. If to young to raise successfully by hand, they may be allowed to nurse on a restricted schedule with supplementary feedings by hand, your feedings, anywhere from every two to four hours. Eclampsia can kill within scant hours. Once down in the final stages, it can be hard, if not impossible to save the mother.

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