If a dog has a Foreign Object In Its Mouth, caught in it's teeth or one which has penetrated its gum line, tongue, cheek, palate, the dog will cough, gag, lick its lips, salivates, shakes its head and paws at its mouth. Such objects are fine bone splinters, slivers of wood, sewing needles, pins, fish hooks (hooks off of Christmas Tree Ornaments), sharp plant needles (includes pine and spruce needles) and plant awns just to name a few.

Other signs may be loss of Pep, refusal to eat and general unthriftiness associated with bad breath. In dogs, removal of such an item is best done by a Vet while the dog is tranquilized.

Foreign Bodies In The Throat, cause Choking and Gagging. Such items are bones, rubber toys, balls to small for that size of dog, pieces of wood, pieces of hard plastics, in fact just about anything the dog may have attempted to swallow.

Dogs are in distress and generally cannot eat or drink. During the gag reflex, small amounts of white foam or froth only occasionally may be present. If the object lodges in the back of their throats and blocks the Windpipe, the dog may not be getting enough air. Try to sooth the animal and calm it down. Get it to a Vet immediately. Should a dog panic, the need for air is greater and the situation now becomes an Emergency. Open your dogs mouth and see if you can find the cause of the choking. If the foreign object cannot be easily removed then DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself. Attempts to remove a stubbornly situated object often causes further damage or pushes it further back. Take your dog to a Vet at once.

If the dog has already fainted from lack of air, the object must be removed immediately. Open the mouth. Take hold of the neck in back of the object and apply enough pressure to the throat to keep the object from being pushed further back while you hook it with your fingers. Work it loose as quickly as possible. Then administer Artificial Respiration to get the dog breathing again.

If the signs are Coughing and the dog is in Respiratory Distress, the foreign object may be in the Larynx. Again get the dog to a Vet immediately.

Small things such as grass seeds and food particles can also get lodged in a dogs Windpipe or Bronchus. Usually coughing quickly brings them up. if not, the dog will continue to cough. It may eat and drink unlike when an object is lodged in the throat. BUT: When the object becomes fixed in the airway, it causes intense irritation and swelling of the passage. Mucus collects below the obstruction and forms an ideal media for bacterial growth and infection. Such dogs are now in serious danger from such infections. Again the dog must be seen by a Vet.

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