QUESTION: I adopted a 9 year old female large breed dog, three months ago. Suddenly this last week or so she has been gathering up my children's stuffed dolls and toys and taking them to "Her Place" and is very protective of them. She is treating them almost like puppies? She is not spayed. Any ideas what is happening?

ANSWER: This is a typical sign of a dog who went through a "False Pregnancy" Although not actually pregnant (or lost the litter of pups without the owner knowing it), she is attempting to NEST with the dolls instead of pups.

She needs to go to the Vet, have a complete blood work-up and a urine analysis. The Vet will advise spaying her immediately (false pregnancies are very hard on a dog), then PERHAPS a Hormone Replacement given orally or else monthly by injection.

In case of a serious "Uterine Infection" happening instead, I strongly suggest she go to the Vet A.S.A.P. Thanks for adopting an older dog.

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