Porcupine Quills penetrate the face, nose, lips, oral cavity (inside the mouth) and skin anywhere on the dogs body. Some dogs may let you remove a few quills yourself but normally (especially for those dreaded ones inside the mouth), the dog will need to be sedated or tranquilized.

Using a surgical hemostat or needle nosed pliers, even ordinary pliers if necessary, "Grasp each quill as close to the skin as possible and draw it straight out in one fluid movement". If the quill breaks off, a fragment will be left behind which will continue to work in further, causing a deep seated infection. Veterinary attention is definitely needed then.

Observe your dog for at least one week on a daily basis, looking for signs of infection, abscess formation or deep seated quills working their way out. Often a person thinks they got them all, only to find more anywhere from the head region, the oral cavity, the chest region, the legs and paws, even the back and sides of the dog.

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