Incorrect Bite In Dogs

A bad bite is a common problem with some breeds. The ideal bite for dogs is called a “Scissor” bite where the upper Incisors just barely overlap and touch the bottom Incisors.

In an “Even or Level” bite the Incisors meet edge to edge or to perfectly. This is not wanted as it causes too much wear of the teeth.

In the “Overshot” jaw, the upper jaw is longer than the bottom jaw, so that the teeth overlap without touching and often a very distinct space between the top and bottom Incisors. Sometimes referred to as a “Parrot Mouth”. A puppy with an Overshot jaw can improve on its own if the space is less than the width of the head of a wooden match. After 10 months of age, it rarely will correct itself. Such a puppy can have trouble when its permanent adult teeth come in as they may injure the soft tissue of the dog’s mouth. These bites should be watched carefully. As tooth extractions may be necessary.

In the “Undershot” jaw, the reverse is true, with the lower jaw protruding beyond the upper jaw. Although considered normal in some breeds, the protruding bottom jaw can cause a great many problems if it protrudes to severely. Again your Vet should check such a bite on a regular basis to ensure no problems are present.

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