"Little Kailey telling Scooter she is the Boss Dog in this house."


NOTE: Not all puppies are born 100% perfect in everyway. But they too are deserving of a kind and loving home and bring great joy to their owners. This then is Kailey's story. The story of a Less Than Perfect Puppy.

We have been owners to our Bichon cross, Scooter, for 3 years. One day we had been buying supplies for our rabbit at a small pet store by our home. There was poor Scooter…standing on his back legs waving his front paws in a hyper beg. "Pick Me, Please Pick Me". I asked if I could hold him for a minute, as he seemed lonely. He immediately nuzzled under my chin. My husband insisted that he come home with us. "No way!" I thought. We live in an apartment condo, so how will we manage a dog. Not to mention, he was $500! This time, I let my husband win and we headed home with puppy in hand.

The next year and a half were very trying. Scooter did not housetrain easily. Our perfect $500 puppy had some problems. Just one of them was, it seemed that he was used to sleeping in his own feces. He would relieve himself and then sleep in it as he had been forced to do in the past. Or we would be outside with him for an hour, and of course, he wouldn’t do his business until he was on our living room carpet. Despite this, we did not give up on him. At about 2 years old, things began to improve. Today Scooter is a well behaved, loved member of our family.

I now really wanted another dog to complete our family. We were at work all day and I just hated leaving Scooter alone. When we walked him in the park adjacent to our complex, he would love to play with other dogs. My search began. I checked the SPCA web site on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are many big beautiful dogs at the SPCA desperate for a loving home. As we do not have a back yard, we could not keep a big dog happy or we would have taken one of these dogs. Perhaps someone reading this will consider going to their local SPCA and bringing home a dog in need. That would be so nice if you would?

One day I was scanning the classifieds in the local paper when I came across an interesting ad. A breeder had some adult dogs that were ready for retirement in a loving committed home. I checked out the website. There was a sweet Llasa Apso adult male. I sent the breeder an email hoping we were the right home for him. I promptly received a response. She advised me that these adult dogs were so used to running free on her acreage home that they would not be happy in an apartment. There was however, a baby Llasa girl. She was giving her away for free as she had a bad Over-bite and given that she guaranteed all of her puppy’s health, including their teeth, she could not guarantee this girl’s. She liked the sound of me in my email and offered me this puppy. I felt that I was up for the challenge of loving this puppy who was Less Than Perfect.

The next weekend we took the long drive to Bonnyville to pick up our new puppy. It was love at first sight! She was the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen. We decided to name her Kailey. She rode to her new home in Edmonton in her crate without so much as a whimper. When we brought her inside our home, Scooter went to check out what was in the bright pink crate. She let out an awful noise that immediately let him know what the pack order was going to be…and that was going to be her as Leader Of The Pack from the very first greeting.

She was paper trained, but when she was old enough she went outside with her big brother to do her business. Training Kailey was completely different that training Scooter. She had very few accidents and she caught on to going outside almost immediately. She was due for her third set of shots about a month after we got her. I was eager to discuss her bite with the Vet so that I could prepare for any future difficulty she might have. Upon examining her, he did acknowledge that she did have a severe Over-bite, but he did not anticipate any difficulty. To date, she eats her hard food without difficulty and has lost most of her puppy teeth. So far…so good!

As the breeder we got her from, is responsible, I had to sign a Spay/Neuter contract. This meant that my little girl had to be spayed as to prevent more pups with her dental problems. As only my Kailey could do, she came through her surgery without a hitch.

Kailey is only 9 months old now, but she has a confident temperament and a sweet disposition. At 6 months old, she began visiting frail seniors in a continuing care centre. There was one lady, who has since passed away, who relished Kailey’s visits. Her face would light up with joy when we put Kailey on her bed.

When she’s not bringing joy to those less fortunate, Kailey spends her days playing with her brother Scooter or snuggling up with my husband and myself. She greets any visitors with puppy kisses and a tail wagging with enthusiasm. When we come home from work, she comes to the door with unbridled joy. We love her so much and could not imagine life without her. I could not write enough to do her justice.

She may be Less Than Perfect but to us, she is the most perfect puppy in the world. And to think that sometimes people turn their backs on such a puppy or dog. They don't know what they are missing.

Laurie and Tim Young

Edmonton, Alberta


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