Question: We have a 6 year old, medium size, male dog. We just purchased a new boy puppy yesterday and brought him home. Our older male is humping this new puppy. It is so disgusting to see? Why would our older male dog be interested in sex with a little male puppy? We are yelling at him but he only stops for a while? Please help?

Answer: This is natural behavior. Your first dog is not thinking about sex, he instead is dominating the new pup because this is his house and his home and the new pup is a Trespasser. It could be a lot worse, he could be beating the heck out of the new pup instead to show the pup he was there first and is Boss Dog.

This will pass with time. Simply tell him No very firmly (no yelling, dogs do not need yelling in order to learn) and take him a few feet away from the pup, while saying "Bad Dog" or "Enough" or one or two words to that effect. Dogs can learn one or two words very quickly but whole sentences mean nothing to them.

They may pick up on one or two repeated words in a sentence but why not just use one or two to start with. Once again, simple domination, not sex on his mind.

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